Like a child in wild anticipation…

That’s how I feel about back to school. I’m truly giddy. Like a kid waiting for Christmas morning, staring at the wrapped packages, counting down the days… this is me, staring at book bags and lunchboxes. I can hardly stand it I’m so excited! Don’t get me wrong, I’m also sending my oldest off to college, which is indeed heartbreaking, sad, and overwhelming…all the emotions. But I have four other kids. That’s right, you heard me correctly, four other children! And while some parents might be distraught at the thought of someone else caring for their children for 7 hours a day, I’m gonna be real with you guys, I’m not one of those people. I am deep in the throes of end of summer, get my kids out of here, back to school celebration.

Oh that first morning of school is coming, and only days away no less. My children will groggily get out of bed, whine and complain about how they can’t believe school is here already, and their sad little faces will march into the kitchen… and mom will be there, whistling and singing, flipping pancakes in pure ecstasy. OK who am I kidding… mom will pour cereal, but still whistling and singing, because her kids are going back to school!

In these last weeks of summer, When I find myself overwhelmed with children, I have began to console myself with this peppy little tune that keeps me sane and focused on happier times to come, 🎶”oh back to school, back to school, I can’t wait for back to school. Back to school, back to school, I love you, back to school” 🎶. It comforts me during these dark and trying times that torment the soul. Sing it with me mama’s! I know I’m not alone. Because in a few short days my youngest will be someone else’s problem when he’s literally rolling on the floor not listening to a word anyone is saying. My sassy preteens will give 50% of their daily attitude somewhere else. And I will have 7 glorious hours free of tattling phone calls, requests, or someone to take care of.

And yes, by Spring I will be begging for summer once again. Cursing homework, folders that must be signed, assignments and projects that take too much time and parent involvement, missing time to just relax with my kids. But today I can’t be concerned with such things. Today I can only feel pure joy, because I love my kiddos, like crazy. I love them with an intense and overwhelming love. But right now, I will definately like them more when they’ve spent half their day locked in a brick building with someone else 😉.

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