What and Why Outlandish?

If you’ve already read my premier blog “Here Goes Nothing” then you may not want to read this, because this is literally the same blog…  Literally.  But if you haven’t, this blog tells you a bit about who I am and why I chose Outlandish.  Enjoy!

This is my attempt at blogging.  Why you ask?  Well…  Because I love to write, I have way more to say than I can possibly accomplish in simple spoken word, and my life is one hot wonderful mess which must be recorded, if for no other reason than so my kids can read it one day.  If your reading this first blog, you probably already know me.  But just for giggles, in case your someone other than my mother or sisters that have stumbled across this page, let me tell you a bit about my life.  As you can see from the tagline, I am the mother of three amazingly exhausting children, caretaker of two psychopathic puppies, and wife to a wonderfully infuriating man.  I have four sisters, yup four!  I am the Children’s Pastor at Crossroads Bible Church in Double Oak, Tx.  And, I LOVE movies.  So there, now you know almost nothing about me really.  But isn’t that the point  of this whole blog thing?  Aren’t we supposed to be getting to know each other as I give a semi regular snapshot of what really is My Outlandish Life?  That’s what I think the point is anyway, and that’s what I’m going to try to do, be real.  I mean real real.  So here’s to my real life, my good, bad, sweet, ugly, lovely, screaming, fantastic, outlandish life.

So why outlandish?  I love this word.  I love all unconversant and unfamiliar words, like whippersnapper (another oldie but a goody that I particularly love).  And let’s be honest, I make up my fair share of words that only I understand, and those who are close to me who have now learned to decipher their meaning.  But back to Outlandish…  Outlandish- meaning bizarre, foreign, or out of the ordinary aka extraordinary.  Isn’t it a fabulous word!?!  I personally would choose an outlandish life over an ordinary one any day of the week.  I want outlandish love, outlandish experiences, outlandish faith.  Praise God that I have been chosen by the creator of heaven and earth as His, is that not outlandish?!?  My friend G says that things always seem to happen to me (she doesn’t say outlandish, but she means outlandish things), and she’s right, they do.  Outlandish things just seem to ‘go down’ in the Bedlington household.  Fun things, crazy things, and sometimes heartbreaking things.  Part of it is that I have three kids, which translates to someone is always sick, fighting, or broken.  But, the reals story is that I know God puts me in outlandish circumstances to shape me.  And here’s the fun part, my sole purpose (oh, and yours too) is to Glorify God in those circumstances.  And I don’t always succeed, and I’m soooo far from making it all about Him because I seem to regularly get in the way, but that’s still my goal.

so, welcome to My Outlandish Life.

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