Personal growth and a really great husband

I have this great husband.  Now, before you think this is some kind of soppy blog where I profess my love, it’s not.  He can be a real jerk, don’t you worry.  And we don’t always see eye to eye.  Just a few months ago we had to set down with someone else to help us see eye to eye, because we just couldn’t get on the same page.  But there is respect, and that is huge.  Even as we sat down with someone, there was a realization that we both knew each other to be good people with good hearts and we needed help understanding one another.

Yesterday I was telling my sister in law something, and I loved that she said “that’s cute”.  On one hand I’m sure she’s thoroughly sicked out by her brother and I, and on the other she loves how very in love we are.  So, this morning when my husband told me I had kinda come off as a snappy jerk last night, I knew it came from a total place of love and respect.  You just can’t say those things without that.  I was tired after a long day, and I had a raging headache last night and I had a bit of a short fuse.  Me+tired=cranky shemonster.  I know, your shocked…but yes, I can get real snappy, snarky, and sarcastic- and it’s only worse when I’m tired.  I’ll wait for the gasps to stop.  But seriously, I had come home feeling every bit of crummy to prepare a nice meal for family, and my husband knows me and loves me enough to know that from me, that is me speaking love.  One day I hope my kids will know and understand this love that I dole out every day.

Yes, today I’m feeling very in love with my husband because he told me I was a jerk…weird huh?  But I love that I can be told that and not be totally wounded because it is surrounded in such love and respect.

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