My one year blogging anniversary

A year ago when I started blogging, I dreamed of being raw, honest, and true to myself, and I think I have.  I’ve shared my faith and I’ve shared heartache.  I’ve tried to show how completely in love with my husband I am, how hard marriage is.  I’ve attempted to be real about the immense joys and colossal struggles of being a mom.  And all in the endeavor to show the craziness that is my life.  I am a total non-spontaneous, planner/dreamer, who could not be less fly by the seat of my pants.  But once the plan is over, I bore in implementation (tragic, but true).  My life is busy, but I honestly prefer it that way.  I’m a total extrovert, but I can only fully recharge by means of alone time.  My cellular family (my husband and kids) is about the most important thing on earth to me, and I protect our time together at all costs.  And I am one of those people that things just tend to happen to.

But still there is so much you can’t know.  There is only so much you can really show, only so vivid a portrait as you can paint in print, and so I just keep blogging trying to color my picture.  So, today, one year in, I thought I’d share the books that have made the biggest difference in my life.

  1. The Bible.  I don’t say this to be cheesy or sound super-spiritual.  I say this because my faith is the center of who I am.
  2. Love and Respect.  I’ve said it before, but this book has totally shaped my marriage.
  3. 5 Love Languages.  If you’ve ever had a relationship conversation with me, you know this is something I find to be very important, in my marriage as well as with my kids.
  4. Anne of Green Gables.  This is my all time favorite and has sent me in search of bosom friends and kindred spirits my whole life.
  5. Same Kind of Different as Me.  This book rocked my faith, my views on poverty, and was supremely amazing because the first church I ever worked in was on the East Side of Fort Worth and I remember Denver and his blue slippers.
  6. Total Money Makeover.  This book got us on track financially and changed the way we thought about money.

Books in general have changed my life.  I only listed 6 books here because there are few books I would actually list as life changing as a whole, but books and the gift of reading in itself is life changing.  I could give you a list a mile long of my favorite books in different categories for different reasons, but as for books that have shaped my life, that’s my list.  Oh yes, and I’m an avid reader…

Now you know a bit more about me.


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