Get Fit

Why is getting fit such a struggle?  The struggle has been real.  Now, I type this as I munch on a bowl of popcorn and contemplate going upstairs to fill a glass of wine (my go to meal), so I’m not saying I’ve given it a crazy amount of dedication, but I have worked, ok.  And I’m not going to lie to you, I feel a mixed amount of pleasure and pain.  Real…physical pain.  I mean, I’m glad I’m getting stronger and less jiggly, but I’m also hating the fact that I can no longer bend without stifling a groan…

I joined a 30 day boot camp a month ago and I’ve been peer pressuring my friends to P90X with me over the next three holiday months.  I desperately want to get in shape again, and working out has been….not horrible.  I can’t say fun, I know some people say they love working out and love to say how great it is.  I think those people are crazy.  Like, ‘quick, hide the knives’ kind of crazy.  Find me the person who would rather do burpies, run sprints, or lift weights than they would have a glass of wine and laugh with friends and I’ll show you a crazy person.  I can say that it’s been fun…for a work out.  You know…like as far as torture chambers go, it’s been one of the better ones…but that’s about as far as I’ll go.

Working out got way harder since I’ve gotten…less young.  There is a weird clicking sound when I bend my knees, and there is a new aching body part daily.  I’m literally icing a different spot every night.  Is it worth it?  I’m going to go with yes…I think.  Just kidding, I know It’s worth it to be healthy.  Skinny, ummm, I don’t really care that much, I like red wine, chocolate, and popcorn too much.  But I’d like to live a long life and be able to indulge in my wine, chocolate, and popcorn and not need to be lifted from my house by a crane…

Will I ever be a fitness buff who drinks green things, talks about their workout using words like “bliss”, and wears athletic clothing all day long (I’m sorry, but unless you are a trainer actually training people, this is unacceptable.  Put on some real clothes, OK!)?  The answer is no, probably not.  But since I like to eat and drink and dislike panting at the top of a flight of stairs, I guess I’ll keep working out.

Here’s to getting fit….

One thought on “Get Fit

  1. You’ve been doing great Chantel. I’ve seen you push it a little more each day. Like you said, it’s about being healthier. And it’s amazing that you’re STILL going to these classes and thinking about a plan to keep working out after October. Keep up the good work.


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