RV road trip

Over 4,000 miles driven, 16 states, 12 people, 9 days, 1 RV. Did I mention an 8month old pregnant lady, a 2year old baby girl, and 8 and 5year old little boys….oh, and their all my in-laws! My hubbies mom, siblings, spouses, and kids… it was an adventure.

These are things that were said…

No pookipsies in the RV!

Did he just poop in there?

He coughed all night!

How many times did the pregnant lady pee last night? 8?

These look like prison showers.

Is there hair growing from that shower.

Mom’s washing her foot with mouthwash…

Everyone hold on, we’re turning.

Close the cabinet, everything is falling!

Did he just throw up???

Are we there yet?

It’s ok, the ham didnt touch the floor.

Fine go ahead, the pookipsie rule has been craped on…litterally…


How much farther?

Are we really doing this?

Someone give the 5 year old something to stop farting.

Open the windows, I don’t care if its freezing. It’s like airplane air in here, we’re trapped.

That was amazing.

Grab towels and dry the floor, the kids have tracked in snow!

This whole RV smells like little boy feet…

No more candy!

Are we almost there?

We’re like sardines in a can.

That was awesome!

Don’t be a sore loser.

Don’t be a bratty winner.

I think this RV park is haunted, it looks like something off of THE HILLS HAVE EYES.

Is that an abandoned stroller in the tree? That’s it, we’re out of here.

Are we really sleeping in a LOVES parking lot?… My life has hit an all time low.

Did you hear the baby crying last night?

Guys, the baby is sick…

You all get 5 minutes to pee, then the RV is leaving weather you’re back or not!

When in Maine…

Mom sat on strawberries.

Was she crying in the bathroom?

I have everyone I care about.

Are we there yet?

She only peed 5 times last night…

No, I said no more candy!

It smells like straight up farts in here…

Are these contractions?

Oh Lord, what happens if she goes into labor?

There’s nowhere to sit.

We’re stopping again?

Does my vote not count?

Can we finally get somewhere before dark?

Just stop here!

We’ve just got to get out of this RV.

This is beautiful.

I need a bumper sticker that says I made it to the top of Laurel Falls.

Britt needs a bumper sticker that says she seized at the top of Laurel Falls.

This is terrifying…

How much farther?

What was your favorite part?

I’ve never been so happy to be in Arkansas.

I literally couldn’t care.

Suck it up buttercup!

Are we there yet?

Praise God, we made it!

I can’t wait to get out of this RV!

I think I kinda want to buy one…

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