What is it about egotistical, overly confident, and arrogant that draws us in?

I’m seriously asking, because I just don’t get it. I get confidence. We are all drawn to confidence. I’m confident. No one likes a head hung down “I’m not that great” moper. No one. Men and women alike are drawn to confidence, but turn the confidence up a few notches too high and what you have is an egomaniac. You know, the kind that constantly tells you how great they think they are, or posts a billion pics of themselves and their accomplishments, or worse…video’s. Here you might be saying, “but we all post pics and video’s”. You’re right, but we all know the difference in the person that posts a billion, the person that seems to fish for compliments, the person that wants to constantly tell and show the world how awesome they and their life are…RED FLAG! It’s a facade, those are some seriously messed up and insecure people. Wake up and smell the coffee!

But for some reason people the world over are drawn to these horrible egomaniac’s, and Lord help those that marry them. In dating it might seem cute and attractive, though to me it just seems annoying, but I’ve known too many people that have married that person, and it’s miserable. No Thank You! I’m so glad I have a husband that cares more about me than himself, and I know he would say the same. I can’t imagine being in a self serving relationship. How horrible, what is this, the animal kingdom? Ummm, NO! I love that I know we are both constantly thinking of the other.

It doesn’t just happen in dating either. In interviews, that overly confident and slightly arrogant about their abilities candidate seems to overrun and outshine everyone else. We love someone that seems confident that they could indeed sell ocean front property in Arizona, because we know that, that person hates failure. And they will work hard to make sure they look good at all costs. But when it comes to working with that person, it kind of sucks, because, well….their kind of jerks. Again, they’ll make sure they look good at all costs… The “anything you can do, I can do better” co-worker is a terrible co-worker. That everyone who actually has to work with, hates.

And don’t even get me started on friendships with such people. Again, it might seem fun at first, but those people are terrible friends. The kind that never take responsibility for being late or screwing up, but love to point out when you do. Ain’t NOBODY got time for that! Life is too short, and as adults we only have room for so many friends. So why would you pick a terrible one, unless you’re an egomaniac also…Or a very sad individual who needs to get a grip on reality and stop letting someone make you feel bad for being you.

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