40 goals and dreams for the next 40 years

40 years…gone, poof, just like that! I’ve been married as long as I haven’t. My kids will all be adults in the next 9 years. It’s all crazy, and it’s all got me thinking about what I hope the next 40 years holds for me.

1. 30, 40, 50, and 60 year anniversary

2. 5 kids no longer living in my home! It will happen eventually, right?

3. 5 kids who are people of great faith, who are happy in their lives

4. Son-in-laws, daughter-in-laws, and grandbabies, oh my!

5. Which must include weddings and parties, and celebrations galore. I don’t want to miss one!

6. A big house in the country with a wrap around porch, so I can drink in my surroundings from every angle.

7. Chickens and Guinea foul, I’ve always wanted chickens and Guinea foul, that’s normal isn’t it?

8. Goats, yup, want them too

9. A Bedlington terrier. It’s the worlds ugliest dog, but it just feels like something we’ve gotta do.

9. Visit as many national parks as I can manage

10. Spain, gotta go here ASAP

11. Australia, it’s a dream trip

12. Africa, Safari must

13. Bora Bora, I’ve always wanted to go get a Bora Bora bungalow

14. Marvel at Sunsets more, because I love them

15. Relax more, because my soul needs it

16. laugh more, because life is serious enough

17. Swear less, because my daughter hates it, and old ladies just shouldn’t say “shit” when they drop something…they just shouldn’t…

18. Keep reading like crazy. Have I mentioned I LOVE to read?

19. Keep accounts short and get over it, life is too short for grudges

20. Weekly intentional alone time with nothing but a glass of wine and my thoughts, I need me time

21. Weekly intentional time with the hubby, he needs me time šŸ˜‰

22. Exercise, it is evil, but necessary

23. Stay connected to serving in some way

24. Keep cooking, it’s how I show love

25. Read the Bible in chronological order again

26. Say I love you to my hubby and kids every day

27. Visit with my mama as often as I can for as long as I have her

28. Never miss an annual sister trip

29. Keep blogging, it’s therapy

30. Keep a mentor

31. Be a mentor

32. I have at least 3 books in my head, write them

33. Might as well give being published a shot

34. Learn a new skill before I get too old to remember it

35. Be a tutu wearing, tea party having, race car driving, mud pie making kindof grandma one day

36. Quit sweating the small stuff and worry less, wrinkles don’t need help finding space on my face

37. Enjoy a really old bottle of wine!

38. I forgot Greece, I don’t know how though, because it’s Greece, and who wouldn’t want to go to Greece?

39. Make it all the way through life never seeing all those Star Wars movies!

40. Live the next 40 years. Really live them, and do my best to cherish every minute!

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