Seizures Suck

Imagine waking up not knowing what just happened, where you are, why you can’t move or talk, perhaps banged and bruised, thoroughly embarrassed, and feeling like you have the worlds worst hangover. Now imagine it 2-4 times in a day, 10-15 days a month. That’s been the life of my daughter since she was 16. Seizures suck.

I know, I just wrote about how it was adoption awareness month, but guess what? November is also Epilepsy Awareness Month, and on this last day of November, after 4 years of regular uncontrolled seizures, this girl has just hit 6months seizure free! 6 months felt like a milestone we’d never hit, and until this point, we’d only made it 30 days once…1 time…EVER. So today, today we celebrate!

We’ve now found out that Britt’s seizures are likely not epileptic in nature at all, even though we do have a family history of epilepsy. She was experiencing migraines with an aura, combined with pain and stress induced seizures, that while closely linked, aren’t epileptic. Whatever… all I know is, it’s been the longest scariest stretch of our lives, and I am so proud of my daughter for staying strong and hopeful, and fighting the fight.

After about 8 different medications, she’s found one that works, but I think the true testament to her health has been hard work. She’s done the hard work to get healthy, stay strong and positive, and keep pushing forward. I’m so proud and thankful for all she’s done. She is healthy today because she’s worked hard to get there.

I pray we never see another seizure again, but if we do, I know she knows how to get back on solid ground again.

One thought on “Seizures Suck

  1. What a blessing to such a beautiful soul. I am so very happy for her. I understand that she has been running with her sister. I read a very interesting article about an ultra runner, that now has hardly any seizures, her neurologist states it helps her. I thought you would enjoy the article, so I am sharing the link…


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