My kid says the darndest things!


I totally meant to post this blog on my son’s b-day, but life has just been too crazy.  If you know the Bedlington’s, you know it’s true.  Our fiends all joke that we are never home, and they are right.  We have 3 kids in 3 different sports, my family get’s together for some kind of get together once a month, and I’m a children’s minister, which basically means I am planning some kind of event every 4-6 weeks (so as soon as one is over, I’m gearing up for the next).  All that to say, I missed blogging on my favorite boy in the whole wide world’s special day.  So, here it is.  We call these Braden sayings.  Why?  Well, because Braden has a knack for saying hilarious things.  So, here’s to Braden!  My top 5 Braden Sayings.

1. Braden was 3 1/2 when Matt took him to Walmart to shop for a birthday gift for Brittney.  Britt was really into Hannah Montana, and knowing how much I HATE posters, daddy was shopping for a Hannah Montana poster and decided to let Braden pick one for himself too.  While flipping through the posters in the store Braden pointed at a poster of a race car with a woman stretched out across the top in a skimpy bikini and said “I want that one”.  When daddy asked him why he liked it his answer was simple, “I don’t know daddy, I just like it…”

2.  I think my son was about 4 years old when my best friend was pregnant with her daughter Isabella.  We were out registering her for her baby shower.  Braden kept asking why we were looking for baby stuff, and we kept telling him it was for Aunt Lori’s baby.  This answer sufficed for a while, but eventually he had enough.  He finally asked “Aunt Lori, where is this baby?!?”  She kindly told him that the baby was in her tummy.  That answer also satisfied for a while, until he could also take that answer no longer.  By this time Lori was on the other side of the baby department when he yelled out “Aunt Lori, did you eat your baby!?!”

3.  When Braden was in Kindergarten he had this teacher at church that was probably in her early 70’s.  Braden loved her.  One Sunday he pointed to her face and ran his fingers across some of her wrinkles and asked “why do you have lines all over your face?”  To which she answered that she was very old.  He suddenly gasped, put his fat little hand on her shoulder and began to shake his head “oh no” he said.  “I’m sorry to tell you this, but your going to die…”

4.  About the 3rd grade Braden went through a real phase where he felt the need to tell everyone that he had a brother from another mother and a sister from another mister.  “For Real” he would tell everyone.  He thought this was hysterical.  He always seemed to forget to tell everyone that it was his half brother and his adopted sister.  Nope, just his brother from another mother and his sister from another mister.  Neat!

5.  The stories have gotten far less fabulous, and there are a few that would have just been far too embarrassing to my precious son to share, but my last story is from just 2 years ago and it is the best in my opinion.  The summer before 4th grade Braden asked a question and then made a comment that made us aware that it was time to have the birds and the bees talk with him.  He listened intently staring with a shell shocked stare.  At the end we asked “do you have any questions?”  I’d asked this with my daughter to receive a stream of questions.  Braden simply looked up at me and serious as a heart attack he said “no, I’m just waiting for you to leave the room so I can punch myself in the face a whole bunch of time so that maybe I won’t remember this in the morning”.  Greatness!

Yes, there are so many more that I wish I could share with you, but out of fear that he will never forgive me, I will not.  What a fabulously spontaneous, inquisitive, delightful, insightful, amusing boy.  Oh how I love him!

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