School is stealing my Soul (and wallet)

Back to school, back to school, how I hate you back to school.  I actually hate it as much as my kids.  Seriously, school is the worst!  Financially it is a killer; back to school clothes, supplies, and new teacher gifts have left me penniless.  Not to mention that it is when all the Fall sports and lessons kick off which cost a fortune.  “Sorry Britt we wanted to send you to college, but we opted for those guitar lessons and dance classes instead”.  JK, kindof….But truthfully, I’ve dropped an ungodly dollar amount this last week.  I feel a panic attack coming on.

And as if the financial stress wasn’t enough, we’ve got school projects and testing to look forward to, “Hello HELL, how I’ve missed you!  I don’t think I can take it for another year.  I can literally feel the teachers sharpening their pencils waiting to hand out some ludicrous project the first week of school where my 1st grader has to ‘create her perfect world’ using play dough, magazine clippings, and candy wrappers.  Something that will be sure to suck an entire day of my life away and leave me on the couch with a glass of wine asking why teachers hate me.  Really, Why?  I give good gifts, I remember all the holidays (even the stupid ones), it just isn’t right.  And then, about 3 weeks into the start of the year, the testing will begin and my life will become and endless sea of reports on how my children are stacking up (aka sucking at life) to the other kids.

Yes, sorry kids, your right- School is the WORST!  I hate it as much as you do.  But for some reason they have chosen to make it as painful as possible for all of us, because apparently punishing me for 12 years of my life just wasn’t enough.  Soon it will be over and you’ll have a few good years of college, maybe a short glorious time of freedom, and then you’ll get to endure the fresh new Hell of school with your own kids.  Start saving now, on cash and sanity.

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