Dear Selfie Girls

Your incessant selfies are well, annoying.  You seem so very…into you, and well…we just are not.  It’s not that we hate pics of you, everyone get’s their selfie game on every now and then…just maybe not every other day.  I get it, I have a teenager.  You want everyone to see your new outfit, or how cute you think you look today, but we really just aren’t that interested.  What we are interested in is pics of your kids, we can’t get enough of those.  We like pics of all your family and pics of all the cool things you do, new hairstyles are fun too.  Oh, and we love the pics of you at all the adventurous places you’ve been.  Then we can say, “ooh look, so and so went here!”  But the pics of you in your car, or worse- the bathroom…we don’t really want to know that you’ve been there.

 Yes, this was meant to be a funny rant.  And…a little true (sorry, I mean I want to care, I just don’t.)  But seriously, post me your selfies.  It’s totally making my day!

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