Bedlington House Rules

Having my nephews over so regularly since they moved here has made me aware that at our house we have some unwritten rules of how we do family, so I decided to write them down.  Just a little bit about how we do life, enjoy!

  1. Loud is just our way of life
  2. Pray often and do your Bible study, mom will ask
  3. We don’t talk bad about each other, and we don’t allow others to either
  4. Sunday church is non negotiable
  5. At any given moment someone could break out in song and others will likely join in
  6. Be home when the street lamps come on
  7. Lying is the worst thing you can do, just own up to your mistakes
  8. Dad and mom don’t care what your thinking, but your words and body language better show respect
  9. Dinner is eaten at the table except under rare and special occasions
  10. There is always popcorn, it is it’s own food group
  11. Don’t run and jump in the house, that’s what outside is for
  12. Dogs do not belong on furniture, and if you let them in your bed you’ll never get them out and you don’t get to complain about it
  13. Don’t leave lights on or doors open or dad will yell, unless your mom, then dad will just roll his eyes and complain
  14. Sunday nap time is sacred to mom, as is bath time, so be quiet and stay out of her room
  15. Mom and dad own EVERYTHING and they can touch, look through, or take away whatever they want whenever they feel appropriate

Now, if someone has a great idea of how I could print/display these I would be thrilled.

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