Love is patient…that’s so not my virtue

So day one of the dare was love is patient.  The idea was to go all day holding your tongue, not saying one negative thing about your spouse, only displaying patience.  Ok, so I started less than strong.  In other words…I failed.  I got up on Valentines day and my husband was working my nerves.  I’m not sure I exactly said anything negative about him….only that he was on my nerves.  Unmet expectations of a date night I was promised that had fallen through had me a bit agitated.  I did succeed with my kids at saying nothing negative all day, but back to the husband.  As the morning turned into day, I was much more patient.  And I think I held my tongue for the rest of the day.

I took my love is patient a step further by saying positives to each of my kids and my husband in a valentines card.  I listed all of the wonderful things I love about each of them.  It is so fun to watch your kids light up and treasure those words.  For example- my teenager has maybe the most sensitive and caring hearts of anyone I know, my son is tremendously thoughtful and observant, my baby girl is an absolute servant who is always wanting to help, and my husband selflessly takes care of our family and sees the good in others almost to a fault.  I watched all of my kids and my husband completely melt reading my rather long lists for each of them.  Don’t we all love to hear others affirm us?  Why don’t I do this more?

Today’s dare: no negative words again, you heard me…again!  Plus, a random act of  kindness (ROK).  Doing better on patience today, now for the ROK…something I wouldn’t normally do…that’s tricky, I’m a mom…we already DO EVERYTHING!  I feel maxed out on kindness, but I’ll think of something to add, a cherry on top.  Then I’ll kindly pour myself a glass of wine as my reward.  Here’s to love!


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