Dare to be thoughtful

So here I am on my Love Dare journey and it really has been so interesting.  I mean, even as I’m writing this, I’m telling you, I really hate this kind of thing.  Not that I don’t think it is a great tool for others, that is exactly why I am sharing it.  Sometimes you need someone to just put some practical tools in front of you, but I personally tend to shy away from the ‘self help’ genre.  I’m sure it’s a lot to do with pride, I’m candid enough to admit that, but it’s also just my personality.  So, I expected there to be quality material that I could share, that others would hopefully be impacted by, but I didn’t expect to struggle…if I’m being honest.

These last three days have centered on thoughtfulness.  Buy an unexpected gift for your spouse, ask what you can do to help them, ask what is something you do that offends them that you can work on.  And I was surprised that I struggled to be thoughtful to my husband.  I didn’t know what his responses would be, struggled to find a gift, etc.  The kids were easy.  As a mom, I am constantly thinking of what my kids need from me, seeing something and getting it for them just because I love them, thinking how what I say or do affects them, but I don’t do these same things for Matt.  Not to say I’m some awful wife who never does anything for him, but going out of my way to do something more than the norm, asking how I can be a helper to him, I’m not so good at that.  As women we tend to want to leave all the romantic gestures, comforting and wooing up to our husbands.  I get it, we want to be swept off our feet.  Women are designed to be esteemed.  But women, our husbands also need to be pursued, supported, and cared for.  So, try joining me in being thoughtful this week.  Here’s to love!

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