Taking your kids to the polls

I took my kids to the polls today.  There are mixed views on weather or not this is acceptable.  Mostly because kids are noisy, inconsiderate, and full of questions at the polls, not to mention the way they loudly exhale “I’m booooored”.  But the truth is, your kids are welcome at the polls, you can even let them help you cast your votes.  While some may scoff at the idea of children at the polls, again I say, they are noisy inconsiderate little beasts, most can see the value in it.  I don’t know how we teach our children the worth of having a voice if we don’t show them.  Taking kids to vote is possibly the best hands on training we can give our young Americans.  We live in a country where we are blessed to be a part of a process that decides our futures, this is our children’s future, why would we not involve them in it?

Politics are confusing and boring for young minds (ok, and sometimes older minds too) and our kids have no interest in who is running or what they stand for.  But as you stand around a ballot and cast your votes, curious minds form curious questions of “who” and “why”.  While they still may not understand the details, they will understand the importance of making an impact that reflects your family values and that has immeasurable merit.

In four years when the next presidential elections roll around my teenager will be voting as an adult.  I intend to do my part to make sure that she is not just another young adult setting around and taking her democracy for granted.  The same is true for my younger two as well, even if I had to drag them by their ears today…

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