Stress- it makes you old, tired, and fat

So, I’m going on about a 2 week stress binge and it’s killing me…truly.  I can’t even explain why it all hit me the last couple of weeks, but it has.  Basically my house is still unfinished (after now officially living there a year since the fire) which is causing me major stress.  I know, it’s stupid…But I’m a total finisher.  I hate things being undone, and I’m a clean freak (which is a real problem when everything isn’t sealed and finished).

Also, my daughter is 15&1/2 and since you have to hold a learners permit for 6months before you can apply for a license, if she wants to get her license on her b-day, we need the permit by Thursday.  So we’ve been working like crazy to make this happen.  This week I’ve officially spent 2 days and over 4 hours at the DMV just to walk out with no permit.  Have I mentioned that I DESPISE the DMV?

And I’m juggling a full time job, 3 kids, the hubbs (Matt), and did I mention I dropped a rock on one of our fish this week and smooshed it…yup, it was real gross.

You know what all this stress does to a person?  Ok, now this is science, for real, so stick with me.

  1. It puts your brain in a fog.  Which is why I stupidly went to the restroom during pastors meeting today without my phone (rookie mistake in our office).  I came back with a locked screen to which I didn’t know the pin.  For hours I was locked out of my phone.  That’s right, hours.  Thanks Mikey…  😉
  2. It makes your heart race causing you to get more easily stressed in the future.  So basically you are now on the stressed out merry-go-round and let me tell you, it’s hard to exit.  Which is why I, true story, growled at my office door this morning when I couldn’t get it opened.
  3. It basically affects every gland in your body, making it easier for you to get sick.  Knock on wood, not sick yet.
  4. Muscles tighten, explaining why I currently feel like The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  5. Sleep patterns are disturbed, again possibly explaining the door growl and lack of judgement in today’s meeting.
  6. Ok, so this science is just too science for me to explain, but the bottom line is this: stress makes you look, feel, and act older.  Great!
  7. My personal favorite- Stress amps up the appetite (I had popcorn and 2 mini snickers for lunch today…) and actually puts excess glucose in your blood stream, making you fat.  Are you freaking kidding me???
  8. Last, but not least, stress leads to low libido.  Tragic, but a no brainer really.  I mean you are now mindless, raging, sick, hunchbacked, bag-eyed, old, and fat…

The bottom line, stress is super stressful.


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