36 Lessons I’ve Learned In 36 Years

Today I am 36 years young, and while I hope to have at least 36 years left in my future, I have learned a few lessons in my years that I thought I would pass along to you. Enjoy!

  1. God is in control even when life is out of control
  2. Working for the future doesn’t replace the time you miss today. Find balance
  3. Laughter really is the best medicine…and therapy…and exercise
  4. Marry Wisely and make it last forever
  5. Find someone who is willing to speak your love language and learn to speak theirs
  6. Friendship is necessary
  7. People are brought into our lives for seasons, enjoy the seasons that you have
  8. Kids keep you young, but make you feel old
  9. Do what your kids do, get involved in their lives
  10. Buy now pay later, really means buy now pay FOREVER. Credit is not worth it.
  11. If you want desert, just get the desert…Life is too short for no desserts
  12. Fall in love with books, it keeps your mind sharp, and your imagination keen
  13. See the world, even if it’s your own back yard
  14. Don’t EVER drink (or text) and drive, it’s worth a call
  15. Life is too short no to sing along
  16. Learn to love yourself
  17. Everyone needs and Ethel, or Fred, and if you don’t know what that means I can’t help you
  18. Learn to laugh at yourself, because sometimes your just stupid
  19. Please, please, learn to write is script, it’s a lost art and a handwritten note is better than an email
  20. Get a pet you can snuggle, they never judge you, and always love
  21. Stuff is just stuff, you can’t take it with you, and most of it just really isn’t that important
  22. Nothing beats a hot bath and a glass of wine
  23. Sex can burn up to 200 calories…Enough said
  24. Get your check-ups, when it comes to your health, earlier is always better
  25. Get a hobby
  26. Winter is for campfires, and go for the double mallow s’more
  27. Teach yourself to see beauty in everything
  28. You can worry about it all day, but it won’t change the outcome
  29. Be comfortable in your own style, nobody else can be you
  30. If your gonna have a guest room, just have one and don’t make it too comfortable, absence makes the heart grow fonder
  31. Know your kids friends
  32. Go to the movies
  33. Challenge yourself, you can do more than you think you can
  34. Learn the art of giving
  35. Popcorn is an acceptable dinner
  36. Frogs are seriously freaky

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