I’m growing weary of Evangelical Christians and their fear induced movie boycotts

Yes, I am an evangelical Christian, a liberal conservative, or is it a conservative liberal…Draw your own conclusions, I really don’t care. You will never hear me talk politics, my political stance is rather private, but I must say something about the boycotts. I feel we are hurting the gospel message, coming off as uninformed, fist blazingly unloving, and all together unconvincing.

The boycotting was out of hand in the mid 90’s when people burned all of their Disney books and movies. Now it’s Frozen, the new Beauty and the Beast movie, and the Shack, just to name a few (basically these are the big headliners). It’s all rather ludicrous. People are allowed to have an opinion, and your allowed to boycott, but if your going to have a stance it better make some freaking sense. As I write this I’m thinking of someone who is worked up over the Beauty and the Beast movie, but said Dallas Buyers Club is one of the best movies she’s ever seen…Huh! I’m really grappling with stupidity here…really.

Did you hear that Frozen is evil because Elsa is singing Let it Go as an obvious gay anthem of acceptance??? I’m struggling to see the connection. Oh and maybe you also heard that Kristoff has an unnatural thing going on with his reindeer. I’m not making this up people, this is the stuff that evangelicals have written. It’s embarrassing. Which is why I didn’t write anything about Frozen when it came out, I just couldn’t even bring myself to acknowledge it. But now here we are with Beauty and the Beast and The Shack and people are afraid that these movies are “damaging to the soul”.

Yes, there is a gay guy in the new Beauty and the Beast. He doesn’t DO anything, but he is obviously an effeminate homosexual male. It’s ok to be against it, it’s ok to even boycott it. But, if you do, if you chose this one thing and call it hypocrisy (which you, again, are free to do), I hope you boycott everything that is obvious Biblical hypocrisy, and I mean everything that falls into that box. You better boycott every organization that promotes or endorses gossip, lying, thievery (a worthy quest might I add), and the list goes on and on. But you wont. Here in lies my problem with us evangelicals. And hear me not just saying this as an evangelical hetero, I have homosexual friends who have great respect for a real all encompassing Biblical stance (even if they don’t agree with it). Then again, those who do not respect such a stance are in danger of falling into the same hole of hatred and lack of acceptance of faith and equality as those they so deeply oppose.

The Shack, is a FICTION novel. The author even calls it FICTION. Is it a perfect Biblical example of evangelical Triniterian belief? No. But if your problem is that it’s 2/3 women, get over it, especially if you’ve been ok with the Caucasian image of Jesus with flowing golden hair. Might the film slightly portray universalism? Maybe, but I feel that is a stretch. Even so, it’s a Fiction novel turned movie. And like it or not it has opened the doors for tons of people to want to know more about Jesus Christ (and that is amazing). Why are we so worked up??? Every time something like this comes out, we all come unhinged. But we will promote horrible evangelical films with bad name it and claim it theology all day long….does it just have to be poorly acted, low budget bad theology, or what?

Mic Drop.

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