The faith to leap

I posted about a week ago about not stressing, and a deep dive into the unknown. Since that post, I feel like I’ve taken a deeper plunge into the unknown then I even knew was possible. We’re moving this summer into new house that my amazingly talented, and pretty darn handsome, husband has built for us. We’re getting through the summer and trying to figure out what God’s call on our life is for adoption or foster care, and preparing for the next step. And I think I might have just visited the college that I’m going to send my daughter off to in a year. I’m having such a hard time letting her grow up, and screw up, and let go…hate to admit that about myself, but I am. It feels like every decision she makes at this point is amplified and future changing!

It all feels very… overwhelming. Spectacular! Wonderous! Full of excitement and adventure around every corner! Exactly the way I like to do life. (I am not a content to sit at home doing the same thing every day kind of girl.) But overwhelming just the same.

I read a book on the plight of the refugee a year or so ago. And in it there is a quote that said that following and listening to God will always pull us outside of our comfort zones and into places where we are completely reliant on Him. Because obedience continually calls us to care for the widowed, orphaned, and oppressed. To feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and give all that we have. To turn the other check.

That’s what Christianity should look like, not the grotesque display it’s too often been represented as.

I’ve thought about that quote a lot since I read it. I’ve thought about the fact that following Christ means stepping outside of our comfort zone and into the unknown, and having faith and trust, and being willing to give until it hurts. It’s being willing to say yes even when it’s terrifying, and being willing to let go. I so want to be that kind of a person. I want to be that kind of a follower. I want to raise children that indeed let go, and follow after Christ in such a way that it’s recklessly full of faith and makes people notice God in them.

So partly I’m writing this blog to convince myself that I can take the plunge into the unknown full of faith. And partly to convince you of my great need for prayer that I’ll have the courage and peace to do it. Because I don’t want to fake it until I make it (something I’m truly stupendouse at, I must say), I want to truly LIVE it.

Did I mention I’m 38 today? Seems like a good day to start…

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