Love Like Crazy

So we just had 2 new kids join our family. We are now guardians of our niece and nephew. They’ve been here a couple of weeks now and the difference in the house can be felt when you walk in the front door. We are now a family of 7, with 5 children, and people … More Love Like Crazy

The faith to leap

I posted about a week ago about not stressing, and a deep dive into the unknown. Since that post, I feel like I’ve taken a deeper plunge into the unknown then I even knew was possible. We’re moving this summer into new house that my amazingly talented, and pretty darn handsome, husband has built for … More The faith to leap

Life, Kids, and the Pursuit of Stability

Life with kids is unstable. Physically, emotionally, financially…constant, ever changing, instability, one wave of transition after the other. It’s a hot dang mess of disruption and disorder, because life has a way of just continuing to happen. It makes me think of sitting on the beach, a wave comes and brings with it something new, … More Life, Kids, and the Pursuit of Stability

Our Adoption Story

This week we celebrated our 5th adoption day.  This is my favorite story from that very difficult time. It was the weekend after 4th of July when Haley was 21 months old that she moved in with us.  It would take a full 15 months for us to remove parental rights and officially adopt our … More Our Adoption Story

What Confetti?

So this has been on my mind for a couple of weeks now, as we just celebrated our 4th adoption day on the 15th.  Adoption is an interesting thing.  A child comes into your life that you have prepared for, prayed for, and have gotten all but giddy over.  All the stress and anxiety of … More What Confetti?

seven years worth of memories, and I can’t see them all

My beautiful baby girl is seven today.  It is such a strange feeling when you celebrate your child’s birthday and you can’t look back and remember their birth.  This is why adoptive parents celebrate adoption day, because birthdays are nothing more than a celebration of a year older, which is worthy of celebration, but there … More seven years worth of memories, and I can’t see them all