The first day of school CAN NOT get here fast enough!

I’ve been trying to think of a blog to write for weeks and weeks. I have nothing. I literally have not a single thought….no thoughts come into my head…

Would you like to know why I have no thoughts? Because I am a catatonic, zombie, robot mom on autopilot. I’m going CRAZY with the rush and unscheduled mess that is summer. I need school, I need routine, I need my kids to be locked into that glorious brick building for 8 hours every day where they cannot call me! And I will love them more for it. I will pick them up having missed them, with a smile on my face.

As it sits currently, I am getting about 37 calls at work from each of my three children…per day…almost all of them complaints…and if it isn’t a complaint it’s a question, or rather a request. Before work I’m running my kids around to different locations. I leave work to run them to more locations. After work I run more. Why? Because we didn’t want them to be bored this summer. Which is laughable, I would in actuality love NOTHING MORE than to be board right now. It sounds like the best vacation EVER! Sure I run kids around for HOURS after work during the school year too, but that’s it. At least I’ve had a break during the day when they are trapped by those fabulous teachers, my hero’s. But this, this is actual Hell. Not to mention my husband, who started his own company and is working ungodly hours making him zero help.

So I’ve gladly shelled out hundreds and hundreds of dollars for back to school supplies (Why does my daughter need 2 boxes of crayons, and a myriad of other ridiculous number of supplies??? Don’t get me started!), and back to school clothes, because they are going back to school!!! I will not cry about having a 12th, 9th, and 4th grader. None of this last year of high school, first year of high school sadness… NO! I will do a happy dance and drop them off with a smile on my face, because this mom needs a BREAK!

And perhaps, when I drive away from the last of those brick buildings on that happy first day of school, my thoughts will begin to fall into place once more. Perhaps I’ll only be bothered with…work, while at work…perhaps I’ll feel…organized…structured…peace. It seems too good to be true. I can hardly imagine it.

Until then, it seems as though my brain will just stay a slushy soup of jumbled mess, sloshed around with wine….

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