A note about my child and dating

My daughter is 15, a freshman in High School, and soon to be dating.  That’s right, you heard me, daaaa-t-ing!  I was speaking to a mom today about our kids, and how they have reached this age where they are ready (or so they think) to start the dreaded game of dating, and I realized…She’s 15.  I only have 3&1/2 years left until she is an adult, and out of our home.  I only have a little over 3 years to teach her how to date and how to be dated.  Only 3&1/2 years to teach her how to be suited by a man, the kind of respect she deserves from a man, the way in which she deserves to be loved by a man.  I only have a little bit longer to be here letting her date under my roof before I set her off into the world and I’m not there to teach her.  I can see why dating is frightening to so many parents, why they hold off on allowing their children to date while in High School.  But for me personally, I would rather be here training her, giving her wisdom, asking her questions, because all too soon she’ll be on her own and I don’t want her first dating experiences to be when I’m not there.  I want her to come home and have to listen to me, have to let me ask the questions.  I want the boys she dates to have to sit in our home, do life with our family, and hear our expectations for what loving our daughter looks like.  And so, we begin.  I don’t know when, how soon, or with who, but I know sooner than later it will start.  For us, that will look like family dating at first, you may know it as courting.  It may sound prehistoric or overprotective to you, but then again, I don’t care.  But eventually, we’ll allow her to group date, double date, and eventually alone date (I shiver as I type that last one), but it starts now, as a little girl takes her first steps into looking for the man who will love and cherish her as long as they both shall live.  Sometimes I wish I believed in arranged marriage…

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