They say everyone has a novel in them

They say everyone has a novel in them, I’ve always said that I have at least 5.  I truly love a good story, and I think I have more than a few up my sleeve.  I was on a short road trip the other day with some girlfriends and realized (as I told my crazy stories, like how I was almost car jacked in my driveway once while my kids were in the car, and I fought the guy off by punching him in the head) that I may have more than 5…between the adoption of our youngest child and the fascinating life of my great grandmother who lived with us growing up, I’ve always been fairly certain that one day I would put ink and paper to some of the stories of my life.  Then of course there is my fathers eccentric Cajun family, my husbands Jehovah’s Witness family, and my own childhood (that’s a couple of Oprah episodes waiting to happen).

And those are just the big stories.  So, as I ponder the proposition of penning the stories of my past…here are the top 10 episodes in my life that I feel have completely shaped who I am.

  1. I went to church for the first time at 3 days old, we were there every time the doors were open, I accepted Jesus at the age of 5, and for my entire childhood I remember nothing more clearly than being at the church (or at my aunt Betty’s house).  These are the majority of my childhood memories.
  2. My father was in chronic back pain since before I was born, my mother worked her tail end off all the time, my great grandmother lived with us, and my 3 sisters and I (4 when my half sister was in town) all shared one bathroom…and I was the youngest.  It is why, to this day, I can get ready in 15 min and hardly use a mirror.  I can put on every stitch of makeup without looking.  I know, right!
  3. I was only 19 when I met my marvelously wonderful husband who has loved me every day far more than I could have wished or deserved.  We had only known each other 9 months when we got married and I was pregnant by our one year anniversary…and so our family began.
  4. We found out not long after we got engaged (after knowing each other only 3 months) that my husband’s ex-girlfriend was pregnant.  Let me just tell you, that was a shock, and it has not been easy, but it has also been a blessing of one incredible kid.
  5. We adopted our youngest child- which is maybe the hardest, most emotional, most rewarding thing we have ever done in life.
  6. I have literally beaten a man with my bare hands to save my children (the attempted car jacking).
  7. My work is as a church pastoral staff member, which is like the best and worst thing for your personal faith relationship ever….
  8. I have had to witness heartbreaking loss in our family.
  9. We’ve actually stood in our driveway watching our house in flames.
  10. People will laugh at me for this one, but Texas.  It is completely our home, and one billion percent (even though people keep telling me that’s not a thing) defines me.  I fear I may die without sweet tea, Tex-Mex, or some cute boots.  Not to mention, bring on the summer.  I can’t even say “snow is for the birds”, because they don’t even like it…


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