Love Like Crazy

So we just had 2 new kids join our family. We are now guardians of our niece and nephew. They’ve been here a couple of weeks now and the difference in the house can be felt when you walk in the front door. We are now a family of 7, with 5 children, and people … More Love Like Crazy

RV road trip

Over 4,000 miles driven, 16 states, 12 people, 9 days, 1 RV. Did I mention an 8month old pregnant lady, a 2year old baby girl, and 8 and 5year old little boys….oh, and their all my in-laws! My hubbies mom, siblings, spouses, and kids… it was an adventure. These are things that were said… No … More RV road trip

Staying Married

Marriage. Okay, so after almost 20years of marriage, I can honestly say in most ways marriage gets easier with time. We no longer fight about being young, broke, and barely making ends meet. We’ve fought most of the lack of understanding fights to be had, and we generally get each other and how we operate. … More Staying Married

Crazy Spilled Out: Are all mothers of teenage girls irrational crazy people, or is it just me?

Parenting a teenage girl is hard. Like hold on for your life, try not to lose yourself, barely holding onto your crazy (except when you lose it and your crazy comes spilling out onto everything, taking down anyone in it’s wake), drink lots of wine, kind of hard. Maybe sons can be the same. My … More Crazy Spilled Out: Are all mothers of teenage girls irrational crazy people, or is it just me?

Goodbye santa

It’s the first year where we have no believers in the house. That’s right, I’m talking about Saint Nic. Yes we are exactly those kind of people who excitedly tell our children that some strange obese man in a fuzzy track suit is going to break into their house once a year and deposit presents … More Goodbye santa

All grown up, and almost ready to go

So I’m discovering that when your child crosses over the threshold into adulthood, it’s a real butt whipping. You find yourself constantly teetering back and forth between “oh my gosh, my baby is leaving….don’t go!” and “Dear God, how much longer till you leave…I can’t miss you till you’re gone!” Wise friends who have walked … More All grown up, and almost ready to go

It’s the holiday season, with the whoop de doo!

Whoop de doo! I hear this with an eye roll accompanying it. But that’s not what it means really. Rather, it should be heard like an exaltation. But unfortunately, like many things, it’s true meaning has been lost. We have tainted it. I find it sad…too many good things have lost their luster, and become … More It’s the holiday season, with the whoop de doo!


Today I was afforded a fun example of failure for my children. Ok, I’ll be honest, it wasnt fun, it was humiliating, but the way we’ll laugh about it forever…that will be fun. I’m a childrens pastor. So, I find myself on stage semi regularly, and I’ll be honest, I’m rarely nervous about it. It’s … More Failure