Goodbye santa

It’s the first year where we have no believers in the house. That’s right, I’m talking about Saint Nic. Yes we are exactly those kind of people who excitedly tell our children that some strange obese man in a fuzzy track suit is going to break into their house once a year and deposit presents … More Goodbye santa

All grown up, and almost ready to go

So I’m discovering that when your child crosses over the threshold into adulthood, it’s a real butt whipping. You find yourself constantly teetering back and forth between “oh my gosh, my baby is leaving….don’t go!” and “Dear God, how much longer till you leave…I can’t miss you till you’re gone!” Wise friends who have walked … More All grown up, and almost ready to go

It’s the holiday season, with the whoop de doo!

Whoop de doo! I hear this with an eye roll accompanying it. But that’s not what it means really. Rather, it should be heard like an exaltation. But unfortunately, like many things, it’s true meaning has been lost. We have tainted it. I find it sad…too many good things have lost their luster, and become … More It’s the holiday season, with the whoop de doo!


Today I was afforded a fun example of failure for my children. Ok, I’ll be honest, it wasnt fun, it was humiliating, but the way we’ll laugh about it forever…that will be fun. I’m a childrens pastor. So, I find myself on stage semi regularly, and I’ll be honest, I’m rarely nervous about it. It’s … More Failure

The first day of school CAN NOT get here fast enough!

I’ve been trying to think of a blog to write for weeks and weeks. I have nothing. I literally have not a single thought….no thoughts come into my head… Would you like to know why I have no thoughts? Because I am a catatonic, zombie, robot mom on autopilot. I’m going CRAZY with the rush … More The first day of school CAN NOT get here fast enough!

The faith to leap

I posted about a week ago about not stressing, and a deep dive into the unknown. Since that post, I feel like I’ve taken a deeper plunge into the unknown then I even knew was possible. We’re moving this summer into new house that my amazingly talented, and pretty darn handsome, husband has built for … More The faith to leap

Life, Kids, and the Pursuit of Stability

Life with kids is unstable. Physically, emotionally, financially…constant, ever changing, instability, one wave of transition after the other. It’s a hot dang mess of disruption and disorder, because life has a way of just continuing to happen. It makes me think of sitting on the beach, a wave comes and brings with it something new, … More Life, Kids, and the Pursuit of Stability