My top 5 Foods of Comfort

When life is unknown we all have our go to foods for comfort. There are celebration foods, but then there are the foods you need when life is a little bit shambley. This has been a comfort food kind of week, but, there are different foods (for me anyway) depending on the reason for the grey cloud I feel hovering over me.

#1. When I’m sick I must have a very brothy Chicken Noodle Soup (You can seriously almost feel the healing powers of Chicken Noodle Soup) and a sprite with a bendy straw in it. My mother is responsible for the bendy straw part, though she always made potato soup for us when we were sick (which I do not prefer). But every time, without fail, we were brought a sprite with a bendy straw, so that you didn’t even have to sit up to take a drink. A bendy straw equals love and care. I have passed this tradition onto my kids, the bendy straw is a staple in our house, though they prefer a clear Gatorade and my Chicken Tortilla Soup (which is kind of like the Spanish version of Chicken Noodle, I make Paula Dean’s Chicken Tortilla, but with a bit of cayenne pepper, minus the flour, and a LOT of cilantro, topped with avocado and a squeeze of lime).

#2. I am a true Texas girl, and I hate the cold and the rain. When the sky is grey outside, I feel a little grey inside as well, I need sunshine in my life. So, when the weather is cold and dreary, our go to meal for warmth is my homemade Spicy Chicken Alfredo. This is a stick to your ribs, warm you as it slowly slides down your body kind of a meal. And, if you don’t make your own Alfredo sauce, your missing out. Store bought stuff is total crap, and it’s so easy. Store bought red sauce can be “doctored” up to be decently delicious, and I totally do this regularly when I’m in a real hurry, but there is NO substitution for Alfredo, NONE. And of course, I spice mine up with red pepper flakes to add that extra warmth to the evening. Best enjoyed in front of a blazing fireplace.

#3. When I just want to cozy up and relax for an evening in (I’m talking dinner in your PJ’s in front of a movie kind of evening in), I want Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Not the crap your mother made you with white bread and American Cheese. NO! I want Grilled Sourdough, with Gouda (I love Gouda) and a melty Havarti or a spicy Peperjack (Cajun girl, gotta love the spice) and sharp cheddar. YUM! My kids call these Gourmet Grilled Cheese and it’s their go to “someone broke my heart” or “I can’t believe I missed the ball” kind of meal, usually choosing to go with Swiss and Cheddar for their options. My daughters add Avocado. My hubby likes to put some grilled turkey or bacon on his, but my son and I just want the cheese.

#4. When I’m alone and I am too lazy to cook, but too hungry to survive on wine alone, I make popcorn. Popcorn goes with everything, in every situation.
Popcorn is easy, filling, salty, buttery, deliciousness. That’s all there is to it.

#5. But when I’m sad, or stressed, and all of life seams to be uncertain, I need chocolate. Chocolate is the glue that holds me together. The good stuff, no milk chocolate. I want dark, rich, bitter, tingle in the back of your jaw, chocolate. Nothing in it, just chocolate. This and a glass (or two…) of Pinot Noir is all I want. This is total and complete relax my muscles, calm my thoughts, I don’t care if it’s the least rounded meal ever, comfort.

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